Dare we say, the perfect watch

It goes with everything and gets compliments from everyone. The only thing left to do is decide on your color.
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A Pleasing Aesthetic

Allowing simplicity to give rise to its own special kind of complexity.

With nearly anything today available at your fingertips, we can all suffer from cases of information overload. For a change of pace, we set out to design a watch that stood out from the crowd in a simplified way. The concept of shibusa perfectly grasps this ideal with objects appearing to be simple overall, but they include subtle details, such as textures and color, that balance simplicity and complexity.

By integrating CNC-milling into the watch face and embossing features out towards the eye, we were 3-dimensionally able to capture our desired texture. Paired with the harnessed power of color, we were able to successfully incorporate the full shibusa concept into one simple yet subtly complex package.

Precision Design

We’ve labored over every square millimeter of our watch design to fit right into just about any situation.

Subtle Complexity

Without overdoing unnecessary features, we’ve integrated textures into all 3 dimensions for stylish pops of interest.

Naturally Strong

CNC-milled stainless steel, sapphire glass, and genuine leather, all fashionably melded together.

Forever Tinkering

Building the unavailable

It’s what makers do. When we want something but nothing on the market fits our exact desires, we set out to create the perfect version ourselves.

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The LOCL Shibusa. Our flagship watch.


Shibusa Blue

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Shibusa Red

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Inspiration from everyone, everywhere

After months of drawing, erasing, reiterating, tweaking, and possibly a few (too many) drinks, our team finally completed what we feel is the perfect watch.

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