It’s time for a wrist upgrade

All you need is LOCL


We’ve got a colorway for all occasions.

LOCL Shibusa (Blue)
Color Detail

Hour/Minute Hands: Blue
Second Hand: Red
Second Hand Dial: Blue

LOCL Shibusa (Red)
Color Detail

Hour/Minute Hands: Red
Second Hand: Blue
Second Hand Dial: Red

LOCL Shibusa (Black)
Color Detail

Hour/Minute Hands: Black
Second Hand: Black
Second Hand Dial: Black

Starting from Scratch

Before this all started, we were in the market to purchase the perfect wristwatch – one that had an understated design, allowing it to coordinate with most any style, while maintaining a personality to stand out from the crowd. One that felt superb on the arm, yet did not cost the other arm and a leg. When that watch did not exist, we returned from our search empty-wristed and resolved to create our own. From that time forward, LOCL (pronounced: local) was founded.

With those general requirements as a foundation, we honed in on the details by taking inspiration from the Japanese concept of shibusa. After drafting, editing, erasing, and possibly a few (too many) drinks, our flagship watch was born – the LOCL Shibusa.

wireframe_LOCL Watch
Home_Royals_Kansas City

Rep your WATCH.
Rep your CITY.

LOCL watches have been shipped across the United States and a few have even found their way overseas – some for groomsmen gifts, a number as birthday presents, but most commonly just for personal enjoyment. Now, LOCL is ready to seize the spirit of our name by releasing our inaugural Skyline Edition watch straps to perfectly compliment the LOCL Shibusa watch body, and more importantly, show off your city (in our case, the acclaimed Crossroads Arts District of Kansas City).

These straps capture the most prominent sights on the skyline, featuring tourist attractions, famous landmarks, and iconic buildings. We have plenty more locations flooding through the pipeline, but if we have enough interest, your city’s skyline could float to the top! Just let us know!






The Concept

With nearly anything today available at your fingertips, we can all suffer from cases of information overload. For a change of pace, we set out to design a watch that stood out from the crowd in a simplified way. The concept of shibusa perfectly grasps this ideal with objects appearing to be simple overall, but they include subtle details, such as textures and color, that balance simplicity and complexity.

By integrating custom CNC-milling into the watch face and embossing features out towards the eye, we were able to 3-dimensionally capture our desired texture. Paired with the harnessed power of color, we were able to successfully incorporate the full shibusa concept into one simple yet subtly complex package.

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