About Us

LOCL Watch Company

Our Brand

We are an independent watch brand, born and bred in the Heart of America in Downtown Kansas City. The City, particularly due to the massive resurgence of the Crossroads Arts District – where many fashion brands, small and large, proudly call home – emanates a laid-back culture with an air of sophistication.

This environment perfectly embodies the ideals on which LOCL Watch was built, and by no coincidence, is right where our brand was founded. We try to instill the energy and atmosphere of the area in all of our product designs and releases – differing backgrounds and interests allows us to take inspiration from so many various outlets, leading to an end product that both appeals to a broad spectrum, while standing out from the crowd.

Design Philosophy

When we sat down at the drawing board to design our Shibusa watch, capturing simplicity, while at the same time being complex, was our foremost concern. Separately, these two ideals are fairly easy to accomplish. However, integrating simplicity with complexity proved to be a tall task. After much deliberation, we settled on a rough design that was inherently simple in nature. All the markings are a rich black on top of a contrasting white face, and we kept the text minimal, so as not to detract from its’ overall understated appearance. At this stage of the process, we were very satisfied with the simplicity aspect of the design. However, we had not yet accomplished the full concept of shibusa – we were missing the complexity.

To highlight a few of the design features, while avoiding venturing into gaudy territory, we began focusing on using textures and the power of color. For texturing, we opted to have the “12” and our logo ever-so-slightly embossed off the front of the face. In this same vein, we inset the second-hand dial a few millimeters the other direction – into the face. This gives the whole watch a 3-dimensional perspective, without adding bloat.

To harness the power of color, we offer three color combinations, with the hour/minute hands coordinating perfectly with the second hand on each model. Finally, on the inset second-hand dial, the color will match the hour/minute hands. Each option has its own distinct flavor and personality.

By starting with a simple design, then integrating 3-dimensional texturing and controlling the power of color, we were able to successfully incorporate the full shibusa concept into one beautiful, simple, and complex package. Form and function are the two pillars on which our design was built; one cannot stand without the other. There is no need for compromise.