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With today’s information overload, we set out to design a watch that stood out from the crowd in a simplified way. The concept of shibusa perfectly grasps this ideal with objects appearing to be simple overall, but include subtle details, such as textures and color, that balance simplicity and complexity.

By integrating CNC-milling into the watch face and embossing features out towards the eye, we were 3-dimensionally able to capture our desired texture. Paired with harnessing the power of color, we were able to successfully incorporate the full shibusa concept into one simple and complex package.

Style at it’s finest, at an affordable price.

SPECIAL OFFER: Free NATO strap with every watch purchase. Swap with the leather band to really see the versatility shine!

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Why Shibusa?

The term shibusa dates back to 1300’s Japan, and by the beginning of the 1600’s had gradually begun to refer to “a pleasing aesthetic”. The people of the time used this term to refer to anything – from a song, to fashion, to craftsmanship – that was beautiful by being understated, or by being precisely what it was meant to be and not elaborated upon. Essentially, the aesthetic ideal of shibusa seeks out performances, people, or objects that are beautiful in a direct and simple way, without being flashy.

In today’s day and age, with nearly anything available in a moment’s notice at your fingertips, we can all suffer from information overload. With our flagship watch, we wanted to simplify what we could by using the concept of shibusa. Shibusa objects appear to be simple overall, but include subtle details, such as textures and color, that balance simplicity with complexity. This balance of simplicity and complexity ensures that one does not tire of a shibusa object, but rather constantly finds new meanings and enriched beauties that cause its aesthetic value to grow over the years.

How does one capture simplicity, while at the same time, being complex? When we sat down at the drawing board to design our Shibusa watch, this question was our foremost concern. Separately, these two ideals are fairly easy to accomplish. However, integrating simplicity with complexity proved to be a tall task. After much deliberation, we settled on a rough design that was inherently simple in nature. All the markings are a rich black on top of a contrasting white face, and we kept the text minimal, so as not to detract from its’ overall understated appearance. At this stage of the process, we were very satisfied with the simplicity aspect of the design. However, we had not yet accomplished the full concept of shibusa – we were missing the complexity.

To highlight a few of the design features, while avoiding venturing into gaudy territory, we began focusing on using textures and the power of color. For texturing, we opted to have the “12” and our logo ever-so-slightly embossed off the front of the face. In this same vein, we inset the second-hand dial a few millimeters the other direction – into the face. This gives the whole watch a 3-dimensional perspective, without adding bloat. To harness the power of color, we offer coordinating color combinations on the three hands. We have a beautiful, understated blue along with a deep, matte red – models with blue hour/minute hands come complete with a red second-hand and watches with red hour/minute hands have a blue second-hand. As an additional, subtle, pop of interest, the second-hand dial will color-coordinate with the hour/minute hand-color you choose savoir plus. As everyone has differing tastes, we also offer an all-black-and-white version, the most understated version of our Shibusa lineup.

By starting with a simple design, then integrating 3-dimensional texturing and harnessing the power of color, we were able to successfully incorporate the full shibusa concept into one beautiful, simple, and complex package. Form and function are the two pillars on which our design was built; one cannot stand without the other. There is no need for compromise.

Additional information


Domestic delivery: 2-4 days


Custom CNC-milled face with inset second-hand dial


Japanese Miyota quartz, with independent second-hand dial


Diameter: 40 mm
Height: 7 mm
Lug Width: 20 mm


Case: 316L surgical-grade stainless steel
Crystal: Durable, anti-glare sapphire glass
Leather Strap: Brown strap in genuine leather
NATO Strap: Red nylon color-matched to watch hands


Red / Blue Accents


3 ATM water resistance
One-year limited warranty

11 reviews for Shibusa Red

  1. Anish S.

    Beautiful watch and timeless design! Looks really expensive, the materials are quality and I absolutely love the attention to detail! Great value for the money!

  2. Mickey

    The watch is so sleek and beautiful. Tons of people have complimented it! The color looks beautiful and matches literally anything I ever wear. I can’t recommend this highly enough, especially for the price!

  3. Simon

    I was looking for a watch that looked great at a good priceand came across LOCL Watch. It is a very cool watch with value that you can’t find anywhere else. That is what makes them one of the best watch brands out there. They give you the best for less!

  4. Sergio S.

    This watch is phenomenal in person. It is super comfortable to wear. Perfect size. Perfect weight. The only complaint I have is that it is difficult to get the band strapped on.

  5. Ronald F.

    Great price for a great looking watch! Loving it so far!

  6. Sandy

    I am really in love with LOCL because their watches are so beautiful! So classy and I am just in love! These watches are fire!

  7. Stoney

    Payment process is easy and straightforward. Free shipping and returns is great if you’re not sure the watch you order is the perfect one for you.

  8. Jameson

    The website is super easy to navigate. Customer service is also great and very helpful for any questions or problems. I highly recommend.

  9. Clayton

    No problems shipping, the experience when pull the box open to see your new watch is next level. Thanks!

  10. Damon

    I will definitely be back for another LOCL watch. I love the fact they deliver within two to three working days, no hassle. Process for payment is simple and of course an awesome product. I just love it.

  11. Marco

    Fast shipping, cool/safe packaging, amazing quality

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Shibusa Red


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